Officer Down & Domino

Part 1 - In "Officer Down" beautiful Police Investigator, Kathleen Down , of the Special Victims Unit, is at the scene of the latest Stalker attack. But she forgets rule number 1... to secure the crime scene. And soon , she too, finds herself helpless on the bed wearing her own police issued handcuffs. After revealing her beautiful body , you can hardly fault the Stalker for using it in numerous ways, including a butt plug! When finished, he leaves her for the other officers to find, tied and near naked on the bed.

Part 2 - "Domino" REALLY doesn't want to give it up. Her squirms and protests are almost pitiful. But she has little choice when bound and at the mercy of the Stalker, who finishes in her hot mouth. This may very well be the last video starring this model , as she has since retired from the business.


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