Knocked Out & Doublecross

Part 1 - "Knocked Out" a women feels a cloth pressed firmly against her face, the smell of either will be the last thing that she recalls as she drifts off into unconsciousness. When she awakens, she is bound and gagged. Her assailant cuts her pantyhose to gain access to his target, and soon he is using her for his pleasure. He finishes with a massive facial money shot! 

Episode 2 - "Doublecross" features a beauty who hires the Stalker (of all people) to tie her up in a fake robbery scheme. She will pay him $50 and pocket the $1450.00 that she will claim was stolen from petty cash. But the Stalker has other ideas, and once bound, not only does her releave her of all the money, but her enjoys her talented mouth as well. Then ball gagged, her legs spread far apart, her enjoys her tight pussy ,finally  leaving her doublecrossed.


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