Car Show

Two beautiful models, Kat (brunette) and Taylor (blonde) are going to work the car show. They are staying at the hotel attached to the convention center. As usual, Taylor is running late and isn't finished dressing. So, Kat says that she'll go and cover at the show for Taylor until she finishes dressing, but she tells her to hurry up. Taylor says that she will be along shortly, but as the door closes behind Kat, the Stalker manages to prevent the door from closing, and enters the room undetected. When Taylor is almost finished dressing, the Stalker strikes, and quickly binds and gags the poor girl. Kat returns to see why Taylor hasn't come to the car show, and finds her friend struggling in bondage on the bed. Before she knows what happened, Kat finds herself bound and gagged as well. Then these two beauties must perform all the acts that their captor demands. Including the "snowball" as his final demand.


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