Garage Part 2 & Cheerleader Tiffany

Part 1 - A super hot blonde wearing fishnet stockings, a crisp white blouse, short skirt and sexy high heels, leaves her home and enters her garage. Before she knows it she is the helpless victim of a sex crazed man. Hands secured behind her back, she is soon on her knees doing what she does best. Naturally he deposits a load in her mouth for her to swallow. Then ballgagged, she has her tight pussy used before the man makes his escape.

Part 2 - Is of poor Tiffany, another of the cheerleaders that the stalker is targeting. But this time, the stalker has an accomplice, so Tiffany has double the fun.Hands tightly tied, she is thrown onto her couch for a bit of the old "in and out"


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