Bambi & Sold Part 1

Part 1 - Bambi is jogging, as is her normal routine. But today is a bit different as a man is stalking her. When she finally realizes her predicament and tries to hide, it is of no use, as he quickly tracks her down. Wrestled to the ground , her hands tied behind her, and a leash tying her to a tree, she struggles to get free. Her attacker removes her clothes and uses her PERFECT body every way that he desires. Finally, he leaves her tied to a tree.

Part 2 - A cute blonde has a unique business. She drugs women in clubs, then tries to "help" them get fresh air. But the only thing her victims see is the inside of her automobile trunk as they are whisked off to her lair. Once bound and gagged, the victim is sold to clients who value the use of such beauties!!! Watch as her first client enjoys using his latest purchase.


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