Kendall & Bitch

Part 1 - Kendall is just too hot!!! And when she lets a man into her hotel room, she is soon tied and forced to give him a blow job. A huge wad of cum is her reward for a job well done. Next he assaults her ripe pussy. Bound and gagged , she is left for the cleaning staff to free her.

Part 2 - A man enters a home through an unlocked window which he has pried open. A lovely women, just ready to leave for work, is forced into her own bedroom and tied spread-eagle using her husbands neckties. The man forces his cock into her mouth and shoots a load down her throat. Then gagged, he enters her pretty pink pussy until he cums again. filling her tight hole with his sperm. Then, just so her husband knows what has happened to his wife, the predator writes "Raped Bitch" across her chest with her lipstick!!


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