Spring Break & Raquel Part # II

This video has 2 different episodes.

Episode 1 - Two lovely coeds are walking on the beach while on spring break. They are spotted and followed . While in the hot tub, their room card key is stolen and then replaced without them even noticing. Returning to their room, they are surprised by the two men who have been stalking them. Each girl is assaulted, while her friend is forced to watch. Then in an ending unsurpassed in previous videos, one girl is locked out on her balcony, naked and handcuffed, in full view of passersby on the beach. While the other is literally thrown into the closet , naked and bound.

Episode 2 - A man scams his way into the home of a cute blonde by claiming to be a repairman. Once inside, he forces himself on the women. First cumming in her mouth, we see a load dripping down her chin. Then he fucks her pussy and ass, before leaving her on the living room floor.


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