This video has 2 different episodes.

Episode 1 - First, an unknown man has broken the garage code and is hidden behind the back seat of Cheryl's car. He places a gun against her head and forces her to close the garage door. Alone and at his mercy, Cheryl must obey his every wish. She is forced to expose her beautiful body, and humiliatingly must play with herself in front of this stranger. Then handcuffed, she sucks his cock until a huge load of cum shoots into her mouth. His last words to her are" don't call the cops, or I'll be back".

Episode 2 - Cheryl Calls the Police and the victim is in for it NOW he told her "Don't call the cops or I'll be back. He calls Cheryl on the Phone at her Real Estate Office and wants to meet with her regarding her house she is selling. Cheryl agrees to be there at 5:00pm. He goes there and gives Cheryl the shock of her life.


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