This video has 2 different episodes.

Episode 1 - We see everything as though threw the eyes of the man who enters a home. He locks the door behind him, then begins to roam the house. He watches a women washing dishes at the kitchen sink without her being aware. . Then , opening his knife , he sneaks up behind her, and before long she is blindfolded and handcuffed. Led to her living room, she is slowly exposed on her couch. First, she is forced to suck his cock. Then her pussy is fucked , finally, he enters her tight ass.

Episode 2 - Is the story of a young women who needs some extra money. She has learned of a photographer who is looking for a model, and agrees, without telling her husband, to model in her own home. She stipulates no nudity or sexually explicit photos, but agrees to do some bondage scenes. Once tied and gagged, however, the photographer decides to change the rules . After partly stripping her, he photographers her as he violates her beautiful body


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