This video has 3 different episodes.

Episode 1 - Nikki is a 19 year old BABE who is walking threw a wooded park taking pictures for school. A rapist ties Nikki's hands and leads her to a secluded part of the park by a rope around her neck. Once there he forces her to swallow a load of cum, then fucks her tight pussy. Shot on location so close to people that traffic is heard in the background as poor Nikki gets raped.

Episode 2 - a woman comes home to two big rapists. She puts up a valiant fight but is no match for these two. They fuck her until she almost escapes. Then as a punishment for her escape attempt, she ends up with a face full of jizz.

Episode 3 - While at the kitchen sink she was captured at knife point, cuffed and forced into the bedroom to swallow the stalkers thick throbbing cock then bent over and fucked from behind... While bearing no mercy the stalker pumps his sack of cum deep into her cunt for her hubby to later enjoy...


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